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World Leukemia Day on 4th September is a global campaign run in collaboration by patient groups from across the globe


It’s the one day of the year people from all around the world can come together to help raise awareness of leukemia. By raising awareness of leukemia and educating the world on the signs and symptoms of this condition, we can work together to help leukemia patients get diagnosed and provide better outcomes for them. You can make a difference no matter who you are and where you live.

However, the non-specific signs and symptoms make it difficult to spot. There are over 300,000 deaths caused by leukemia worldwide. Our campaign is vital as survival rates for leukemia are significantly lower than most common cancers, and these rates are worsened by the high prevalence of emergency diagnosis.


We hope that by making people more aware of the signs and symptoms of leukemia, we will encourage them to get seen by a healthcare professional. This will help reduce the numbers of preventable leukemia deaths across the world and provide patients with greater outcomes. 

This year’s World Leukemia Day will focus on how you can take action and help us raise awareness around the world, so we can help more people survive this cancer and improve the quality of life of patients after diagnosis. 

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